Liebner Short Span Bridge, Gig Harbor, WA
This is a short span 20-ft timber bridge over a creek. The overall width was 15 ft. It provides access from the main county road to a commercial property, lavender farm. Although the span is short, the load capacity requirement was not insignificant: It had to carry a T-13 fire-truck tanker rated at 64,000 lbs GVW. The sub-structure consists of 6-inch diameter pipe piles supporting the concrete abutments. The super-structure was glued-laminated beams and the decking was 6x planking. A 2x wearing surface was added. All the timber was pressure treated, 40 lb. retention, using a chemical composition suitable for a sensitive (over the creek) environment. This turned out to be a very good project and the client/owner was a joy to work with. (The last two photos show the original deck with the timbers in the mud.)